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About us

Virtual Fiction was founded in 1996 as an architectural studio with an emphasis on 3D graphics, which at the time was an industry at the very beginning of its existence. In addition to architectural designs, especially office interiors, the portfolio of services grew very quickly by other very closely related fields, such as 2D graphics, DTP services, multimedia, web presentations and photography.

Thanks to many years of experience, individual approach to customers, affordability, flexibility, quality and speed of process, we have gained significant customers and become a stable player not only in the domestic market but also in Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Switzerland and France.

With an increasing number of orders, we also obtained unrivaled conditions from our subcontractors, especially in the area of printing, bookbinding, but also PR-marketing activities. Therefore, we are able to affordably offer these services to our customers as well.


Virtual Fiction
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Radek Průša   tel. (+420) 603 520 719   email: prusa@virtual-fiction.cz
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