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Interior design

People are highly influenced by their surrounding environment. Therefore, design is important to consider when making interior arrangements for residential, business, entertainment, restaurant and administrative venues.

Ground plan possition of the suggested space, suitable selection of accessories, and properly selected color combinations are the basic building blocks for pleasant and functional environments.

Each space requires a certain combination of colors and materials. Contrasts and the organization of particular materials and colors are needed for the creation of the character of the interior, depending on the activities it has been designed for. Our company offers consultancy services in the area of interior design of both living and non-living space.

We prepare a complete solution package of sugestions for your interior needs and include realistic vizualization models based upon your selected desires.

Administrative interiors

The office is no longer a space for only work. Current office space should not only reflect the image of the company towards the clients, but also above all serve the people who will work in it. In such office space, it is necessarry to find the right balance between functionality and design more than anywhere else.

Often it is difficult to understand how the company really works, what are the communication bindings, how the people work and what they need to perform their work duties. Besides formal social bindings, there are also informal bindings, which are neccessary for proper functioning of every team. Well suggested space should support and develop these bindings. If the people feel good in their work environment, their achievments multiply and and the quality of so called “intelectual capital“ is grows, and that should be the goal of management in every company.

Our company offers the ability to analyze the work environment, which is accomplished mainly by investigating the demands of workers in particular departments, communication channels in the scope of teams, style of work, demands for the size, shape and design of the work place.

Based upon the gathered information, our team of specialists will compose a study of the work environment, that takes into consideration the company culture, style of work and the optimal solution of particular spaces.

In the scope of suggestions of administrative interiors, we offer these services:

• Study of the effectivness of the work space
Company structure and style of work is different in each company. Also the offer of office space is different. Not every administrative building is suitable for the requested structure of the company. When the space is not selected suitably, the rented space needed can grow continiously. Before making a decision which building to select, it is suitable to prepare a study, which will compare the effectivness of the space and consider the specific demands of the company.

• Capacity planning
Before the detailed space plan is created, we will prepare so-called capacity plan. In this phase, the analysis of the communication channels inside of the company are made and the needed space is assigned to the particular departments based upon the number of their workers. The capacity plan is also used for the rough examination of the capacity possibilities of the space, depending on the needs of the comapny.

• Space planning
The detailed space plan reflects the needs of the companies for placement of particular departments in scope of the building and also the placement of the work spaces in scope of the department. In this phase, the type and shape of the work space is defined. The selection of the suitable furniture and equipment is judged not only from the functional point of view, but also from design. A part of the detailed project can be also the complete suggestion of floor layout of the company, besides space plan.

• Simulation of further expansion
Today’s world is turbulent and even the suggested interior should be able to adapt to possible changes. When future growth expansion of work positions is considered from the beginning, office space can be very quickly adjusted to meet emerging needs. We create a study that simulates the effective use of space while considering assumed future growth in terms of the number of employees hired, or changes in the structure of the company.

Residence, business, relax and restaurant interiors

Business interiors
The design of the business is one of the most important parts in a plethora set of factors that influences customers - positively or negatively. Considering a business‘ specific needs, we will suggest a business interior that will make customers feel relaxed and a place where they will want to return.

Residential interiors
People should learn to perceive their living environment in the same way as they do with goods for daily use. They should increase their demand for quality, for functionality, persistence and timelessness of the environment where they live. The client is often only looking at the price and other trivial factors. Our specialists try to communicate with the client, listen to his demands and reasonably revise his ideas. When suggesting a living space, the personality and lifestyle of the future inhabitants is the crucial factor. Each person is different and each interior suggested by us reflects the personality of the client and tries to contribute to an increased quality of life.

Relaxation enviornment interiors
Active relaxation becomes a part of life of each of us. More and more people engage in activities like fitness, swimming, squash, golf and other forms of relaxation that are necessary to consider when suggesting ways to improve such spaces. Spaces for sport and relaxing should be designed so that the client would feel comfortable there and by its color, material and design conception, they should support relaxing and the ability to escape from daily toils. Our company can construct a detailed suggestion of interiors taking into considering the specific activities of its inhabitants.

Restaurant interiors
To enjoy good food and drinks, a suitable environment for their consumption is must. Differing atmospheres are expected in a bar vs. buffet vs. a company caffeteria. By suitably picking proper materials, colors and lighting, it is possible to create an atmosphere that will be a pleasant escape for your customers while drinking, eating or participating in social activities.